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The British pound [£] (and the Euro dollar [€] in some instances) are the only currencies you can use in the UK. If you have US dollars you can change them at any of the Bureau De Change offices scattered throughout London—so don't worry about changing them in the Airport if you forget to do so. Get to know your British notes and coins before you arrive so you don't misplace or misuse them. There is a £2 coin which is the equivalent of about $3!

ATMs are called "Cash Point Machines" and you can use most US bank cards and credit cards in them. You will, however, only receive British pounds from them. It is prudent to keep track since your bank statement will show you the amounts you withdraw in US dollars.

Here you can view the Current Exchange Rate.


Tipping is not "expected" in the UK as it is in the US and is therefore discretionary. Many Americans visitors often find this difficult, especially since tipping is standard practice in the US. Suddenly one is faced with the option of not tipping for bad service! We suggest that you do what makes you comfortable.

Here is a good Trip Advisor article about tipping in the UK.

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